News18 Assam/NE  Live Streaming

About News18 Assam/NE

Launched on 24 June 2016, News18 Assam/NE is a 24-hour satellite channel of Assam and based in Guwahati, Assam. This chennel is owned by Network 18 group and it focuses on Assam and other North Eastern states. It covers regional as well as national and international news and various other shows in Assamese and English.

Broadcast Programs

  • What’s Up
  • Cinema 18
  • Xandhiyar Xirso Xambad
  • Ekhontek
  • Tirthayatra
  • Dintur Bixoi
  • Dintur Xirunam
  • Aparadhnama
  • Xipa
  • Food Path
  • Bixes 30 Minute
  • Druto Xongbaad